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Publish Date : 15 February 2020 - 09:03
The plan of car lottery with the goal of relaxing the market and cutting the hand of brokers is getting ready while this is a plan with a pattern from old experiences and would it be effective with the current demand?
Khodrocar - Opinions differ and there are many supporters and non-supporters, but the implementation of this plan will undoubtedly require strong infrastructure to keep the market going while preventing speculation.

"It is not right, the policies that have taken place over the past two years have not worked to control the car market, and overall, the market is not under control and the automobile industry is also losing out.” Amir Hossein Kakaei, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"This proposal means continuing to focus on the market rather than on the industry, which will not get us anywhere, and as the process progresses, car prices will rise day by day. With the pricing mechanism already in place in the automotive realm, anyone who can sign up is like winning a lottery because it is guaranteed to win a certain amount.” He said.

"The main problem is that there is still a persistence of wrong pricing, and as a result, a subsidy from the industry will go to other people, which is the right way to leave the market. With the market dropping, car prices will rise within a year, but the automobile industry will continue to grow, and then prices will decline.” He added.

"The lottery method can reduce the incentive for brokers to register a car. Because registration is no longer the sole proprietorship and they should be lucky enough to have the lottery named. Using the lottery method can be a cross-border marketer provided all applicants are able to register and that registration site problems will be resolved.” He continued.
"Such solutions will be effective in dealing with car dealers and profiteers, but this should be cross-cutting and think about another approach for the long term. The scheme succeeds when those who register in the process of buying a car have a clear identity to block the broker route as much as possible.” Gholam Ali Sobhani far, member of the industry and mine commission of the parliament told.

"If the mechanism used to create a lottery plan to deliver cars to the public is publicly disclosed and no covert procedure is observed, this approach could be effective in resolving the cross-market increase in car prices.” He said.

"The carmaker is expected to pursue an increase in automobile production as well, as there is a direct relationship between supply and demand, causing many problems to be resolved and witnessing relative stability. In the automotive market and in the hands of speculators.” He added.

The plan comes as reformulation of the carmaker's pre-sale has always been a factor in reducing market irritation, and now we have to wait to see if the ministry of industry, mine and trade proposed approach to carmaker pre-sales will be the one that Maybe it was executed in this industry over 5 years ago.

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