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Publish Date : 13 February 2020 - 08:57
While the bubble of car market is getting bigger every day most of activists believe that the main reason for price increment is the trading website and this has made a place for people to price their cars as they want.
Khodrocar - Although a glance at car prices in the market indicates a slight decline in prices, however, there are still millions of factory-to-market prices, and the urge for speculation and brokering is intensifying. Meanwhile, the news that the Competition Council's return to car pricing is likely to have some effect on the market has diminished its fever.

However, one of the main reasons for the turmoil in the automobile market has to be attributed to the competitive pricing by the Competition Council, as it inflicts high damage on the car maker, despite the high inflation in the country and keeping the price constant. It created a deep price gap between the market and the factory and opened the market for intermediaries.

The unfortunate situation of the car market has grown to such an extent that the head of the judiciary has insisted on more scrutiny and intensification, with the question being raised that despite the increased circulation and also the good supply by automakers, the main reason for the price increase what are the current ones?

"About 90 percent of the cars on offer now are not returned to the sales cycle and are depot in their owners' homes, which is aimed at preserving capital and raising the value of their assets. The consumer customer in the market is only 10%, and most of them keep cars in the hope of raising prices further in the market in order to profit from them.” Nematollah Kashani, deputy manager of car show owners union told khdorocar reporter.

"New Year’s night market is on the way and some need to buy a car, and there is no doubt that demand is rising, but one cannot predict the market properly and raise prices. More than 50 percent of the cost of cars goes back to buying and selling sites because car owners rely on these sites to decide on the car they want.” He said.

Automotive industry activists see this as improving the implementation of measures, one of which is the government's focus on the market. At the same time, deregulation of car prices can also be a factor in driving the wheel of the industry out of the market.

If the automotive industry is allowed to breathe, then maybe in the short term we will see the car price rise again, but it will have a positive impact in the long run and will be recognized as a productive system if profitable, but in the current situation. All profits go to the pockets of the speculators and to the shadow economy. Therefore, implementing the right pricing methods in the car market can lead the brokers to exit the market and control the market.

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