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Publish Date : 08 February 2020 - 09:00
While the prices of cars are changing in a second and odd records breaks every minute experts and activists of the market believe that if this condition continues then New Year Eve market is unpredictable.
Khodrocar – The news of clearance of all depot cars from customs in the government’s cabinet alongside increasing supply and rise of production rate made hope to see price decrease but the market continued the increment procedure and prices are increasing any seconds and prices are unbelievable. An example of this price is 1 billion Santafe and Peugeot 2008, 430 million.

"Market supply and demand are now at normal levels, and supply is increasing, making the market calm. At present, the factory and market price for cars under 100 million has reached to 25 to 50 million.” Saeed Motameni, head of car show owners association told khodrocar reporter.

"The end-of-year situation in the car market is still dependent on the amount of carmakers supply, the currency market is now more stable and prices will be more stable and declining if the trend continues.” He said.

"Now prices have reached their highest level and with these prices there is no buying power so prices should not rise. With the end of the year approaching the end of the year, we saw an increase in demand in the car market, but this year there is no market demand due to fluctuations in prices and rising to the highest level.” He added.

"In these conditions, the market is unpredictable and it is impossible to predict the status of the Eid market unlike previous years. Many of these cars belong to those who bought and paid for them, so it is unlikely that these cars will enter the market and make their presence felt in the market and reduce prices.” He continued.

"But, of course, the depot car clearance can calm the market to some extent and reduce the thirst of buyers for these cars, but it will not have much of an impact on the price of these cars and reduce it as it will meet a great deal of market demand.” He said.

The auto market downturn that has begun recently, even as the year's end approaches and demand is approaching, has not only improved but also with current high car prices so deep that traders say It has reached its lowest level, and even saying that the depot car clearance will not help because the purchasing power has fallen sharply. This should see what the authorities will do to control prices and improve the situation.
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