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Publish Date : 05 February 2020 - 19:08
While the car prices are at the peak point, its effects are reflecting to the side markets like spare parts in another faces like the market is in the full stagnation.
Khodrocar – Components price increment started in the past two months and now according to the members of the part union it has been balanced. It has been happened while speaker of the spare part union announced every year in some points, shortage would happen in the market and prices will increase but it isn’t a reason for part price increment and it would be back to normal.  

This statement said while a look at the price list of cars in the market clearly shows that prices are increasing significantly and it is natural to seen spare parts’ prices are rising too. In the current situation the question is what is the effect of car price increment on the spare part market?

"With no doubt is has effect on the market like the price of foreign cars’ spare part which has been increased for 10 times in some cases.” Mahdi Kazemi, speaker of spare part seller union told khodrocar reporter.

"Right now the spare part market is in the recession mode because people can’t afford to buy parts for their cars.” He added. "There is no request for the parts in the market and it will increase the depth recession.”

"There is no difference in prices compare to last month and in some parts, prices has been decreased. He mentioned. "The condition of the market is not very well and this is because of the recession which is a result of low buying power.”

The downturn in the spare parts market has been going on for a few months, and it seems that officials should not be indifferent to it, as the detrimental effects of consuming and consuming parts purchases can increase the amount of accidents that need to be addressed.

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