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Publish Date : 03 February 2020 - 09:00
Activity of brokers and middlemen in the auto market alongside of new selling plans of automakers has been increasing and some believes that these kinds of selling will make a path for brokers so automakers should change their ways of selling.
\Khodrocar - Protests against current methods of sales by automakers have been rising in recent times as salespeople have no reason to demand this. The protests went so far that some lawmakers cited the use of robots during pre-sales by speculators as a reason for the current situation.

In the latest comment, Reza Alizadeh, deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines, has emphasized that carmakers should change the way they sign up for their pre-sale plans, as speculators are already flowing in the market and ordinary people are not benefiting from them.

According to him, although carmakers seek to deliver cars to real consumers by some means, speculators seeking to buy a car from the factory and sell it on the market are a few steps ahead of carmakers and are in a dominant position. In the meantime, the question arises as to what is the best car sales model for automakers?

"What needs to happen in the automobile pre-sale in normal circumstances is sales day, long-term sales of the auto industry occur in abnormal conditions and sales should normally be based on supply and demand.” Shahram Azadi, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"The supply and demand system should govern the sales of automakers and on the other hand automakers should move towards increasing production, increasing the quality and supply of diverse products and reducing long-term sales, so the opposite is not true of the current conditions of sales of automakers. Long-term sales volume should gradually decrease and move towards immediate sales.” He said.

"To accomplish such tasks, measures such as increasing production capacity, balancing supply and demand, creating a variety of products with the aim of increasing sales share and competitive supply by automakers will be implemented.” Azadi added.

"At that time, grammar pricing was applied to the automobile industry, which gradually led to the loss of the car maker, and while the Competition Council pursued grammar pricing, although seemingly in favor of the final consumer, it caused the car maker to go bankrupt. Now that the supply is long-lasting, and on the other hand, we are seeing huge losses for automakers.” He mentioned.

Despite the pre-sale plans and even 30-day car deliveries, the market has not yet had a positive response. In the meantime, imposing grammatical prices on automakers is the biggest drawback of experts and car industry insiders in the immediate sale plan.

Automotive industry activists attribute these sales to more damage to carmakers, and although we are currently seeing an increase in carmaker capacity, this amount of production has yet to control market demand. So it should be seen next year, with targets set for the daily production of 2,500 cars, what automakers plan to improve sales practices and meet market demand that will not promote market brokering.

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