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Publish Date : 02 February 2020 - 09:00
Alongside of producing 200 Renault in Pars khodro by clearing remaining cars in customs, there would be a question that could we produce Renault with EF7 engines?
Khodrocar - Currently, Saipa Automotive Group has more than 40,000 commitments in Renault products, which the alternative designs as well as Renault's restructuring and cannot meet these commitments. It takes a lot of work to get it done, but it can lessen the thirst of the market and drive the price down for this popular car.

Although there has been a lot of criticism of this move, the overview shows that not only is it for the benefit of customers to make these changes, but it can greatly enhance the internalisation capability and boost the confidence of local manufacturers.

"There are several different edits to this engine, including diesel editing of varying volume, and Iran is a professional in the field, and we have the power to design and build the engine, what is currently being done at L90. The changes to the engine mount are to match the mechanisms.” Amir Hossein Kakaei, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"After Renault's departure from Iran and the lack of engine production technology, efforts have begun to change, the L90 platform is well-capable and close to the size, power and torque of the car on which the EF7 engine can mount and be a good replacement.” He said.

"A look at the experience of the big car makers also shows that they come up with a number of platform and engine models and mount them in different modes to produce the new car, so it is a good base. It makes sense to use its assets in various forms.” He explained.

"At present, Iran Khodro manufactured cars with this engine have achieved the Euro 5 standard and will undoubtedly be upgraded to Euro 5 using this engine. The issue of intellectual property ownership in the automotive industry is an important issue as it is only permissible to make changes to the production car of a brand. Has more reviews.” He added.

"The EF7 Plus is an upgraded version of this engine that is capable of producing such engines, which can increase engine output and reduce production costs, which can be cost-effective in the long run. In recent years, the L90 has been invested in Iran and its body parts and interior have been manufactured in Iran. With the departure of Renault, these facilities remain useless for the benefit of customers who have registered their car but have not reached their vehicle.” He said.

"This operation requires a number of changes and is complex and involves installing an engine on a new vehicle with the cost of calibration to make the customer feel comfortable with the car and fuel and emission standards to be standard, at least from the calibration stage to production. , It takes a year because the engine needs to be replaced with a gearbox, so there will be a need for a redesign of the car's driving force.” He said.

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