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Publish Date : 30 January 2020 - 08:51
The news of a capital increase from the revaluation and growth of production circulation has led to the rise of automakers' shares and the rise of their line of purchase, including Iran Khodro, Pars Khodro and Saipa.
Khodrocar - The automobile industry is experiencing relatively better conditions these days, with production reaching around two thousand cars a day and internalization on the other hand, while new cash flows to the stock market lead to a rise in automobile stocks and their lineup has increased.

"On the other hand, the return on the capital market during this period gave a remarkable return this year, and the car makers' stocks generally stayed out of market growth.” Homayoun Darabi, expert of stock market told khodrocar reporter.

"Although the company still has some problems with its quarterly reports, issues such as raising capital from the revaluation site have pushed Iran Khodro's shares down over the 1100 Toman limit. A number of factors, including a revaluation of the price growth and a somewhat improved production situation, have had an impact on rising car prices and demand for cars.” He said.

"The sustainability of this situation depends on the stock market, while investor liquidity is already flowing through the stock market, which can be optimistic for car makers if the trend continues.” He told.

"Automobile shareholders have always been well-liked by small and long-standing shareholders, including Iran Khodro, Pars Khodro, Saipa, Zamyad, and Parts Manufacturers. Real shareholders are more welcome to this kind of shares.” He added.

"If the cash flow continues and the carmakers can get away from these heavy losses and show better sales performance, we can hope that the carmaker's stock will continue to do so.” He added.

Now we have to see how much liquidity wanders in the stock market, but no doubt as long as production growth continues, we should see the auto makers in the stock market.
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