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Publish Date : 29 January 2020 - 09:03
The auto market hasn’t see a stable day in the last month and every day it is increasing so activists are saying this condition would be dangerous and there is no prediction for the market.
Khodrocar - As prices approached the end of the year and car makers increased their sales, as well as fulfilling their obligations, prices continued to rise, which market officials said was due to a lack of sales of delivery vehicles.

They believe that because of the mental climate created by registered car owners, salespeople refuse to sell their delivery cars, leading to disruptions in supply and demand, and prices could not be expected to decline as long as they do not enter the market.

"Part of this price increase is due to currency fluctuations, and the main part is the lack of supply from buyers who have tried to register the car but refuse to sell it.” Nemat allah Kashani, deputy manager of car show owners told khodrocar reporter.

"There is no real consumer on the market right now, and although companies are delivering registration vehicles and fulfilling their obligations, these delivery vehicles have entered the home of registrants and have not been marketed.” He added.

"These registrants are also aiming to make a profit and are not a real consumer. We are now seeing the mentality that car owners are aiming to make more money than selling and selling their registered car in the market. It is now argued that prices will rise further.” He said.

"There are no sellers on the market right now and there is no buyer while the market is always subject to supply and demand, and if we do not supply, we will see prices rise in the market. We are currently seeing a shortage of economical vehicles such as the Peugeot and Samand and the L 90 that the middle class is eager to buy, as these cars have become gold in the market.” He continued.

"The increase in prices was within the range of one million tomans and is insignificant, but we have seen a significant increase over the past month since the rise in prices.” He said.

"Currently the purchasing power is drastically reduced so that the real consumer in the market does not have the power to buy cars at these prices.” He said.

This is while we are seeing increasing sales as well as high demand for cars these days, but now due to the psychological atmosphere and rumors in this market despite the high supply as well as the good demand, we are making a profit. Most cars are not being sold, which suggests that pre-sale plans not only did not help but also disrupted the market.

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