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Publish Date : 27 January 2020 - 09:00
Parliamentarians insist on liberalizing car imports and changing target countries while refusing to pay for imported depot cars in the past few years under the pretext of non-allocation of imported cars.
Khodrocar - In such circumstances, Abdullah Razian, a member of the industry and mine commission of the parliament, recently commented on the need to conclude a contract with China for the purpose of importing cars and stated that, under the current circumstances, prohibited car imports should provide an alternative mechanism to respond to market demand. .

In his view, this mechanism could require contracts with countries such as China to supply the car, as during the period when imports were free, part of the market demand was supplied by imported cars as a result of market hunger.

Although some officials are opposed to importing cars through foreign currency, according to Razan, the solution seems to be able to meet some market demand and prevent a daily rise in car prices.

The remarks were made by the MP while the import of cars from any country was subject to currency withdrawal and the importing country did not make much of a difference. Meanwhile, if the currency is to be withdrawn, it would be better for the currency to be allocated to customs clearance cars, although according to car importers, much of the currency has been paid for.

"If the head of the central bank agrees to clear these cars, many of which have been paid for in the currency, the market will be largely regulated and there is no need to re-import with the Chinese. It did not fulfill its duty when the parliament had to react to the customs depot in the customs and defend the rights of the noble people who were crushed under pressure.” Mehdi Dadfar, secretary of car importers association told khodrocar reporter.
"This has caused prices to rise sharply and factory and market prices to reach 25 to 45 million Toman, with such a situation as to how imports from China could balance the market. While importers have been accused of importing cars and litigations have been brought against them, government officials have become incompetent and are now trying to free the car imports.” He said.

"In order to support domestic production, imports were halted, and liberalization of car imports has been emphasized as an electoral slogan. If MPs want to liberalize car imports, why they didn't vote for a budget amendment, those statements are just an election campaign, and as of today, the MPs' statements are not close to reality and only a propaganda show.” He said.

According to the head of the central bank, there is no currency clearance for cars, though the cars have been paid for and seem to be approaching a 4200 Toman currency with an engineering job so that, with no exceptions, And tariffs, bank clearing are also based on Sana'a currency and output taxes and taxes are based on the Semi currency. It will pay for the difference between the reference exchange rate and the senate, but the rest will be paid in half, which we will soon have to announce.

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