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Publish Date : 26 January 2020 - 09:01
While the privatization of auto industry has been emphasized from ministry of industry in the next year that stocks’ price of carmakers are increasing.
Khodrocar - Forming a consortium of auto makers aimed at buying stocks of automakers that had begun long ago to run under the direction of one of the makers, with some industry activists believing that in the current circumstances the auto maker would buy and sell it. The piece-makers have been marginalized and the government's departure from the industry is not in the interest of activists in the field.

However, the initial divestiture action, such as the sale of surplus property and subsidiaries, has begun to some extent. But what is at stake is whether automakers will be able to raise their share prices, and if they are looking to sell at higher prices, what are the legal remedies?

"Not only automakers but major shareholders who want to divest a block from a company will make a move when the stock price is in good condition or liquidity is favorable.” Mehdi Haji Vand, major stock market expert told khodrocar reporter.

"This gives rise to prices at their highest level, which is monitored and monitored by the Exchange and Forex trading body to determine whether a person has a particular purpose in selling shares or No.” he added.

"If trading and trading disruptions occur, the BSE's oversight and securities market surveillance will prevent it, but at the same time if the exchange's surveillance indicates that trading and trading are correct if there is evidence Contrary to this, there is the possibility of a complaint and a legal mechanism in place.” He said.

"Inflation Raises Annual Stock Price although traditionally delayed, it can raise the price of auto stocks that have occurred in the last two years.” He said.  

"The announcement of a special facility or increase in capital from revaluation, as well as positive news from liberalization of car imports can be useful in car dealerships, but rumors about these will affect their share prices.” He added.

"Finding out why the increase in stock prices could affect the growth and profitability of car makers' stocks can be a good incentive for shareholders. Allow investors to buy shares of automakers for the purpose of privatization.” He said.

The announcement comes as the news of asset revaluation and the rise of automakers' capital in recent times have largely influenced the rise in the stock price of automakers and have drawn clear horizons for it, while wandering capital stocks have also flocked. The rise in stock prices has prompted automobiles in recent times, all of which pave the way for privatization in the auto industry.

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