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Publish Date : 25 January 2020 - 09:17
The lack of government official’s information about transportation has become an important strategic topic about the worn-out fleet and people dissatisfaction.
Khodrocar - The shortage of transport fleets and the number of buses and subways have caused discontent to the consumers of the fleet in recent times, while the government has not paid much attention to this issue, and if the trend continues in the near future, it will witness a crisis.

"Buses and subways are saturated and demand is high, but the freight fleet is not responsive to this need, and this has led to discontent, the transportation fleet is outdated, poor quality, and there are many transport problems, and Different governments do not have a proper understanding of public transport and do not consider this to be an urgent need.” Mehdi Alikhani, chairman of the transportation commission of the city council told khodrocar reporter.

"While transportation is a matter of strategic importance, urban and suburban transportation is difficult, and it is natural to do so by setting petrol prices and increasing them by three percentage points. The increase in prices would be injected directly into the transport, but in Iran with a threefold increase in gasoline, no attention was paid to public transportation.” He added.

"Undoubtedly, as gasoline prices rise, the demand for public transport is increasing, there is currently no understanding of the issue of transportation among government officials and there is no proper understanding of the issue and only a crisis is highlighted.” He said.

"At present, warnings are ignored, but only if the subway stops and there is a problem, the three million people fleeing the fleet will be in crisis, so if government officials are concerned Transportation was aware that some meetings of the Cabinet were devoted to this problem.” He said.

"The municipality can’t import cars and change the laws of the country, but the government has to pay for the subsidized fuel from the subway and bus tickets. However, the municipality cannot stop providing services.” He mentioned.

11% increase in the use of public transport after rising gas prices necessitates equipping and refurbishing it to provide better service to citizens. Governments are expected to be more attentive and alert. Take it seriously.

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