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Publish Date : 21 January 2020 - 10:03
Forgiving penalties of third party insurance started today while after the insurance price increment lowered the intention for using insurance in the past weeks and it could be a social problem.
Khodrocar - Therefore, with the aim of encouraging the use of non-issuance crime insurance, it will be incentivized to use the insurance while looking at recent traffic accidents indicates the necessity of this insurance.

"Third-party insurance rates are announced annually by the Judiciary on the basis of the Diet's stated rate, and each year the Judiciary determines the annual blood money, the increase in third-party insurance is also noted, but in addition to last year's increase 15% applied to third party premium.” Nima Lotfi, manager of car insurance of an insurance company told khodrocar reporter.
"We have 18000 died and 300,000 injured in car accidents annually, which has made the process of third-party insurance a loss for insurance companies, which was approved by the Central Insurance Board last year for a 15% increase to reduce some of this loss.” He added.

"It is undoubtedly effective in reducing demand, so the cost of issuing insurance along with the penalties for non-issuance has also made the issue more burdensome. Accordingly, as with any year, penalties will apply today to encourage the use of insurance.” He said.

"The penal liability scheme applies to all vehicle owners who did not have a third-party insurance policy. Accordingly, each year in February, the Department of Physical Damage Fund issues this policy for insurance policies that are purchased for one year.” he said.

"The fine has nothing to do with the insurance companies but belongs to the government and the Physical Damage Fund and will not include the penalties if they were issued in the next month.” He called.

"This forgiveness has nothing to do with insurance companies, and the government aims to promote the purchase of insurance for those who do not buy insurance every year because it will hurt the community if the policy is not issued. In practice, this pardon is intended to buy insurance without paying a fine.” He mentioned.

The loss of third party insurance companies last year had a lot of talk and hadiths, some not realistic, but looking at the statistics of accidents and the amount paid by insurance companies is proof of their loss but It is hoped, however, that measures such as crime forgiveness will tend to thrive on insurance as in the past because it will eventually lead to social problems.
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