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Publish Date : 17 January 2020 - 09:00
The reversal of the 140,000 modulated and suspended workforce in the workforce as the two carmakers increase production is on the agenda of the industry, which they believe will maintain these conditions.
 Khodrocar - Secretary of State Reza Rahmani also emphasized the return of the number of manpower to the car industry, citing the gains made in the automotive industry, but activists believe that retaining these forces should be maintained.  The continuation of the current process of production by automakers as well as the payment of facilities approved to automakers will bring about the return of human resources to the work cycle and their maintenance.

 Maziar Biglu, secretary of the Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers Association, said in an interview with Automotive Reporter, referring to the crisis created in 97: As the crisis escalated, about 140,000 people were cut and suspended in the auto parts industry.  Suspended, staff were no longer working one to two days a week, so their salaries were drastically reduced.

 He added: With recent events and increased circulation of automakers, the suspended forces, which numbered around 100,000, have returned to work and 40,000 amended or fired workforce have been recruited or are in the process of being absorbed because of the horizon that is now fragmenting. It has a production rate of two thousand cars a day.

 Biglu also points to the allocation of 25 billion toman facilities to each automaker: As automakers increase production, a 2500 billion tomans facility was issued to each automaker, which will undoubtedly lead to increased production. 

 "More than two thousand cars a day have caused parts companies to recruit and plan to attract more," said the secretary of the Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers Association, referring to two carmakers' plans to increase car sales.  

 In response to the question of what guarantees there are for the retention of such a large number of recruits, he said: "Of course, if we pay the projected facilities of two thousand and 500 billion tomans by the end of February and the realization of two automakers' production plan daily.  The 2,500 cars will remain steady, but if things go out of control, all will be out of the question, but ultimately nothing will happen if the uncontrollable happens.

 In the end, Biglow notes that it is projected that the 5,000 billion Toman facility will be earmarked as part of the 4 billion billion Toman facility, or put in the form of deferred demand.

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