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Publish Date : 16 January 2020 - 08:57
According to some car market participants, the market has stagnated, as automakers' supply surges and currency price stability have led to a 6 percent drop in prices in recent weeks.
Khodrocar - Market participants have little hope of end-of-year returns and improved conditions, but believe they continue with current conditions and increased supply by automakers, as well as the stability of exchange rates and the entry of more cars by buyers who have purchased multiple cars simultaneously. , One can hope to improve the sales situation and the proportionality of prices.

"In addition to the downturn, sales in the auto market have reached zero, and price fluctuations in the auto market have begun two weeks ago and are continuing.” Kazem Mohammadi Nikkhah, an activists of the market told khodrocar reporter.

"In this situation, buyers who recently bought a few cars also aimed to make more profit and maintain their value by selling cars at higher prices, but the market declined due to lack of buyers.” He added "After the last week happenings, car price increased for 10 to 12 percent due to the exchange rate.

"These dealers are also now slashing their prices in recent days as the price of a 100 million Toman car is now reduced by about 6 million Tomans, experiencing a 6 percent decline from a 12 percent increase.” He said.

"We are seeing an increase in supply from automakers right now, but there are still plenty of cars on the floor belonging to those who have made numerous purchases and are waiting to make a profit and maintain their value. For the sake of selling them, there is no doubt that nothing special will happen in this regard and they will not achieve their goal.” He said.

"Operating in three shifts and increasing circulation have led to not only carmakers' commitments last year, but summits and summits have now been issued, indicating that carmakers are only three to four months behind schedule.” He called.

"Buying a car on New Year Eve rarely happens unless the buyer seeks to upgrade the car model if the current trend continues and supply and currency fluctuations continue to rise as well as continued price stability and supply increases by buyers aiming to Maintaining the value of the property has made a few car purchases, the car market will be relatively stable and there will be a chance to improve sales and sales, which is no doubt the reason for the New Year night market.” He said.

The increase in delivery of pending cars and the approach of automakers to the maturity of the commitments as well as the production of 4,000 cars daily will undoubtedly calm the market and pave the way for brokers, which will lead to lower prices.

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