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Publish Date : 14 January 2020 - 09:00
While the secretary of car importers association talked about the possibility of clearing depot cars from customs, first steps of reviewing this procedure has been started and it seems that the suggestion of economy minister will enter the action phase.
Khodrocar – It seems like there would be another approval about clearing remaining cars in customs and the cabinet of government will review it soon. These car are for the people who bought the car and paid for them but they hadn’t received their cars, so their complaints was successful and president may extend the pervious approval deadline.

"Ever since the cars were stopped at the customs, the association has always been trying to clear them because they owned and sold them outside the customs, and they complained that they were not delivered.” Mehdi Dadfar, secretary of car importers association told khodrocar reporter.

"These cars are assets and assets whose currency is out of the country and have no currency problem, and their stay in customs is only a waste of people's assets. A letter has been sent to the government that we hope will be approved soon so that people can get their property as soon as possible.” He added.

"If the ministers approve this matter then no one would dare to oppose the approval but delaying the work and making problem will happen.” He said.

 "Since it was decided that the specialized committees of the government should comment, a special committee has been set up.” He mentioned.
"Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Regional Development Coordination at the Ministry of the Interior suggested that a special committee on assignment of undeclared cars to Customs be presented to the President by the President and submitted to the Ministry of Interior field surveys and the Ministry's complementary report. Economic and financial affairs to be considered in this committee. According to him, at least 5108 vehicles are now uncertain for various reasons at the level of some of the country's customs, which are severely depreciating and falling in price due to certain climatic and weather conditions.” He called.

According to the report, 12,261 vehicles have been imported into the country in the past two years, due to currency restriction and order registration failures, including 7,153 vehicles since the second half of last year, approved by the government and government. 4 months deadlines for clearance of vehicles were cleared, however, 1048 other vehicles, despite receiving customs clearance, were not able to exit the customs clearance, with 5,108 vehicles remaining in customs clearance pending customs clearance. There is a need to see what the government and the president personally are going to do.

The situation came as the minister of finance and finance had earlier called for the release and clearance of all cars in the first week of January, but according to the car importers' association, the secretary opposed the proposal. What will he do with the order of the President and the Cabinet to clear the cars?

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