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Publish Date : 12 January 2020 - 09:24
Car industry in Iran and other countries have faced with infractions of managers but by comparing them, we will see that in foreign countries they had some positive actions alongside infractions.

Khodrocar - Reviving the bankrupted company of Nissan made an icon from Carlos Ghosn among Japanese people. He became the CEO of Nissan in 1999 and promised to return the company to the good days within 2 years or he will resign but finally he succeed.

After this success, there were numerous offers from large companies that, out of all their demands, Ghosn accepted the offer of the French company Renault and with his entry into the automobile market, his special talents in the industry began to appear.

His economic policies were so favorable to company executives that he was called a professional politician at various meetings, and he was able to reduce the overheads by closing down a number of low-cost companies and closing down a number of the company's low-profile branches in various locations. There was a lot of profit for the company, and since then they've been called a price breaker.

In the late 1990s, Nissan was nearing the end of its life when Carlos Ghosn was sent to Japan to refurbish and rescue Nissan. Those who were older compared him to ancient Japanese myths and considered him beyond ordinary human ability, and these successes continued until Carlos Ghosn was recognized as the most influential person in the automotive industry in year 2005.

Despite such successes, no one believed that Ghosn would be arrested by Japanese prosecutors a few years later on charges of tax evasion and corruption. Nissan's shares in the Asian markets fell after the Nov. 2018 crash, and Renault's other allies shares fell to lowest point in 3 years.

Nissan said the company's board of directors did not provide accurate and transparent reports of its assets to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and his other notable violations included personal use of corporate assets and unprofitable investments.

He was also charged with transferring $ 5 million to his own bank account in a $ 15 million transfer from a Nissan subsidiary to a foreign bank. Previously, Nissan had announced that it had filed a criminal complaint against Ghosn for treason in the Japanese court.

Ghosn has fled from the Japanese these days and fled to Lebanon, and may be considered the most famous fugitive, but he believes the Japanese government has treated him extremely unfairly and has not done him a fair trial.

However, in describing the difference between Gaussian and the offending executives of Iran's automobile, it is important to note that they all came to their factory in the most critical condition, so that Ghosn eliminated the company for two years, and some automobile executives also realized this. They had foreseen a serious solution to the production of defective cars.

But what is clear is that Iran's abuses in a sick economy are such that one of these car executives could only benefit one company on paper without any action. Thus, there is a context of abuse in this economy, while in other countries automobile executives are witnessing abuses alongside their effective actions and improving conditions, but in Iran the conditions may be slightly different and some government officials and executives may also request Make some violations almost mandatory for car executives.

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