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Publish Date : 11 January 2020 - 09:00
Activists in part industry had two conditions to work with defense industry and believe that this cooperation can improve the part industry due to the prepared infrastructures.
Khodrocar - Whereas the defense industry due to the introduction of various industry infrastructures and the lack of production circulation constraints and ultimately prototypes production has achieved many successes in various industries over the past years that are now preparing to enter the piece industry. But activists in the field insist that the development of the piece industry will only come to pass.

" According to the leader's instructions, the defense industry will assist the automotive industry in areas where the private sector is capable." Arash Mohebi Nejad, secretary of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"The first axis is the area where the private sector does not exist and the defense industries come in and helps the industry. The second axis is the entry of defense industries into segmentation to fill the shortage of single parts and engineering materials that Entering these two sectors, the entry of the defense industry into the piece industry is greatly welcomed.” He said.

"The first condition is that the defense industry does not compete with the private sector of the piece industry and does not replace the internal part maker and only enters sectors where the private sector is unable to access it.” He added.

"The second condition is the role of the defense industry in the creation of technical know-how and technology in the piece industry and by reaching the operational phase, outsource mass production to the private sector as the defense industry has explicitly stated that it will not generate revenue or seek it's not economic.” He mentioned.

"If you do not compete with the private sector and enter parts that cannot be built domestically, and mass production outsourcing after the prototype is achieved, one can hope for the development of the fragment industry as the Ministry of Defense has been concerned over these years with production circulation. It has not, therefore, easily internalized all areas that require high technology.” He continued.

Since the Department of Defense has invested in many industries over the past few years and has had no restrictions in this area, it has now built the right infrastructure in industries that can help the automotive industry and the car segment effectively. They are independent of any entry of the defense industry into the industry and of the use of the capacity created to develop the industry.
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