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Publish Date : 08 January 2020 - 09:00
Renovating the public transportation and roads which has been stared after a long time of stop is now in the phase of pricing imported trucks in the consumer rights protection organization.
Khodrocar – In the spring Mohsen Poor Seyed Aghaei, former deputy of traffic announced that a report about renovating the public transportation system is ready and he said that they had convinced the government to pay 142 thousand dollar to replace and renovate buses. Also the oil company had promised to pay 142 thousand dollar to any private company which wants to buy new buses.

At the same time, Mohsen Moslemkhani, director of the National Urban Bus Union, said that the public transport fleet needed urgent reconstruction and emphasized that 60% of the urban public transport fleet was worn out and in urgent need of reconstruction. And if the renovation and renovation fails in the next two to three years, we'll have a problem, so the Ministry of Industry needs to take action to get the President's decree on renovation as soon as possible.

"Until the monetary transmission system is not correct, government plans to modernize the fleet of heavy vehicles will not be implemented. However, this year is expected to witness good developments in the process of refurbishing the aging fleet in the country.” IDRO vice president as the responsible organization for renovation said.  

In March last year, IDRO's vice president announced that the national plan to renovate the country's worn-out commercial fleet, including 202,500 diesel, trucks, trucks and gas-fueled buses, had begun at the behest of the president.

Accordingly, the commercial transport fleet replacement and renovation plan was signed by the President in February of this year and was approved by the National Development Fund and the Executive Management of the Iranian Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO) within a 3 years period. Operate internal standard products.

Meanwhile after a long stop, national development fund announced 600 million dollar has injected in order to expanding the transportation fleet and replacing 200 thousand public cars till the end of 1399. After a short while, deputy minister of Industry said they are allocating 1.4 billion Euro to buy 35 thousand new buses. However none of these entered to operational phase till the IKCO announced that the company is ready to renovate 10 thousand taxi till the end of the year.

Also, according to the announcement of this industry group, a task force was set up to renovate Iran Khodro ready to supply and supply 5 buses per week. At the same time, the renovation of seven thousand vanes was put on the agenda and amended by Article 12 of the Competitiveness Production Barriers Act, the Ministry of Petroleum provided Iran with the necessary cash from the savings from the use of fuel-efficient cars and gas.

"Part of the lucrative requirements are now in place, and imported trucks have entered the country, and the Consumer Protection Organization is finalizing the prices for these cars.” Ahmad Nemat Bakhsh, secretary of automakers association told khodrocar reporter.

"Although the process is currently slowing due to existing sanctions, some car companies have been able to contract and move forward.” He said.

"According to the contract, applicants can use this plan by going to the website of the Road Registration and Requesting Agency to choose the plant they want to go through, to complete the removal process and pay half of the renovation fee.” He added.

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