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Publish Date : 07 January 2020 - 09:00
Critics about the freeways services is getting higher and higher and they are not fitting with the tolls meanwhile officials in the ministry of roads believe that constructing freeways is not beneficial at all.
Khodrocar - Under the BOT agreement between governments and trustees on the one hand, and private sector corporations on the other, 85% of the investor's target yearly comes from road toll deductions, thus generating income from existing tolls. In addition to financing the investor in the road maintenance sector, the salaries of road staff and toll recipients are spent in the country.

However, road conditions, routes and types of facilities are among the most important factors in determining the rate of road tolls and the rate of tolls vary depending on the type of vehicle, the amount of power and its weight.

Basically due to the high cost of freeway construction, the government cooperates with the private sector to build freeways, meaning the government would pay 50% of the cost, but over the past few years most freeways have been left to the private sector and the sole responsibility of the government. It is the monitoring that gives the current state of affairs that little attention is paid to it.

"Freeway builder capital returns supply for 18 to 21 years from the right tolls on freeways.” Yonaten bet kolia, member of the civil commission of the parliament told khodrocar reporter.

"The freeway investor and trustee can get tolls as the quality improves, but many freeways now face many problems. Fixing accident spots, installing necessary signs, and improving the route of the tolls are done, and these costs justify an increase in toll rates.” Representative of Christians in the parliament said.

"Road marking is one of the requirements of the road and costs more than 200 million IRRs per kilometer, while the government's payment in some freeways is only 50% of the cost of the road and to meet the demands and demands. People need to spend money and provide services tailored to the cost.” He added.

The government sees the high cost of freeway construction as a reason for outsourcing to the private sector and believes that in some respects not only will the construction of the freeway benefit but also lead to losses, it will cause people to pay only for their services and not receive proper services.

Therefore, monitoring the functioning of the private sector and the necessary coordination and coordination with the sector and removing the existing challenges and problems is the only way to improve the quality of welfare services on the roads of the country, but the current trend cannot be expected to improve.
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