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Publish Date : 05 January 2020 - 09:00
Right now there are lots of weaknesses in the automobile quality management and it seems that the biggest problem in this industry is in the field of after sale services and losses of consumers.
Khodrocar – Quality was always a challenging matter in the auto industry and reviewing the condition of cars in the years of 1391 and 1392 shows that after sanctions focused on the auto industry a big challenge came along and production lines faced with shortage of parts. Among all this quality was sacrificed for the quantity of cars. In this condition, existence of a roadmap in quality field is very important.

"The association intends to hold a new round of this award in collaboration with automobile associations after three rounds of national quality awards held during an agreement with the Ministry of Industry, mine and Trade.” Amir Heydari, secretary of national association of quality told khodrocar reporter.

"The first meeting was held in collaboration with automotive industry associations such as the after-sales service association, carmaker and car makers' associations and senior executives of the three automotive groups Bahman, Saipa and Iran Khodro to promote the value of the car value chain as a steering committee. Take into account the capacity and knowledge gained in previous years of the National Quality Award." He said.

"Previous courses of the National Quality Award have focused on automotive quality management evaluation systems, but no practical action has been taken on the automotive quality strategy document.” He added.

"Quality in the value chain of the automotive industry is a neglected issue, so we are trying to formulate the quality of the automotive industry in the era of the National Quality Award.” He mentioned.

Neglecting Quality in the Prospectus of the Automotive Industry While a Top Official in the Iranian National Association for the Development of the Automotive Industry Development Document Program at the National Organization for the Development of Automotive Development, which has been approved by the Automotive Policy Council, says the word Quality It does not exist and has only been circulated and quantified.

Lack of attention to quality in the automotive industry's upstream documentation is being criticized by quality activists who, in these circumstances, do not seem to be among the strategic priorities of the automotive industry.
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