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Publish Date : 03 January 2020 - 09:01
The auto market which is in the peak of selling due to the last days of the year is experiencing price tension and activists saying that the thirst of market has been fulfilled after preselling.
Khodrocar - The auto market has seen prices rise for several consecutive weeks and is now calm, according to market participants, as a result of increased supply from automakers.

"We've seen car prices rise in the market in the past few weeks, but with car makers starting to sell, prices have been largely controlled so that prices have now fallen and we've seen them drop in the past few days.” Nematollah Khashani, inspector of Tehran’s car show owners association told khodrocar reporter.

"Right now, the only buyers in the market are those in need of cars, and as we get closer to the Eid Night Market, buyers become more realistic.” He said.

"Domestic cars also have some sales and this is going to increase as prices drop and in this market the real buyers are the ones who need to approach the Eid market and buy.” He called.

"The market is subject to supply and demand, and if supply increases, prices will undoubtedly decline, while cartex sales as well as pre-sales by car makers have been instrumental in reducing market hunger.” He said.

"Although there has not been much delivery by automakers for past 3-day delivery times, but since automakers are committed to fulfilling their obligations, this trend can have a positive impact on the market and may have a downward trend in prices.” He continued.

"These comments have prompted many car buyers to make their final buy-in before the end of the year, which has increased demand to some extent, but with the increase in supply and production by automakers, the market is now in a downward trend.” He mentioned.
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