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Publish Date : 02 January 2020 - 09:00
While officials of ministry of industry mine and trade are talking about the 400 million euro saving from internalization till the end of the year, according to part industry reaching this number depends on the approval of courage package for investing in this industry.
Khodrocar - The lack of liquidity and the lack of a clear path to the internalization tables are among the challenges that have plagued the industry for over six months since the internalization project and increased the likelihood of failure.

"At the outset of the internalization project and following joint ministerial meetings with automakers and parts makers, a comprehensive agreement was reached on the essential axes, and the package was agreed to by automakers and communicated to parts makers several months after the project. No action has been taken yet.” Arash Mohebi Nejad, secretary of part industry association told khodrocar reporter.

"Currency savings have come from the internalization of a program in which the automakers' incentive package to encourage capital investment in the slice industry has been defined but not yet implemented.” He said.

"This package is intended to be cash and high-priced from domestic outsourcing makers, so it was stipulated in the contract that, furthermore, the guarantee of purchase over a period of capital return until the ideal situation was reached.” He added.

"If industry support is not part of policy-making, there is no doubt that two or three internalization tables will fail, and the $ 400 million projected foreign exchange savings from localization will not materialize because the internalization movement's support Of fragmentation.” He continued.

"If the package is approved and the component's performance is guaranteed during the return of capital, the project is guaranteed and the fundraising is done automatically while the companies involved in the internalization project are knowledge-based companies that can use the fund facilities. They have the innovation and prosperity and resources of the Development Fund.” He said.

"This industry activist insists that we are still seeking to approve the policies of the internalization movement but that no action has been taken so far and that there will certainly be nothing to do with the lack of internalization.” He said.

He is estimated to have made around € 40 million based on estimates of domestic savings so far, and some projects have achieved 100% and some 45% to 50% of physical progress, if the current trend continues. A saving of 400 million euros will not be achieved.

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