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Publish Date : 01 January 2020 - 09:00
The race of developing electric and environment friendly cars among global automakers is growing and activists of auto industry believe that this will increase even more in the New Year.
Khodrocar – The level of customers’ satisfaction and also earning more profit has made the auto makers to produce and develop more electric cars but Tesla has been the winner of this race so far and this brand new automaker is at the top of electric cars chart.

"Right now most of automakers from all over the world are going toward produce and introduce electric cars to satisfy their customers and so this has lead them to more profit and income.” Shahram Azadi, an expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Volkswagen had rough years due to the diesel gate. The company did a lot to recover the wounds and one of the most important things here is they are working hard to develop better hybrid and electrical cars.” He said.

"Many countries around the world intend to mass-produce all-electric and electric vehicles to reduce air pollution and reduce emissions and pollute greenhouse gases, so many automakers around the world are determined to mass-produce electric cars. Attracting and unveiling their programs for this purpose.” He continued.

"The increasing popularity of electric cars and the increasing popularity of these cars have led automakers around the world to compete intensively and unveil each of their plans to design and produce better and more scrollable vehicles.” He added.

This statements has said while researches shows that giant German automakers like Volkswagen and Benz had a lots of progress and there is a chance for them to pass Tesla in 2021.” He said.

"Experts predict PA, strategy items, battery technology, culture, sales network, partnerships and financial performance of each company, based on Tesla's problems with the Model 3 product line and the lack of profitability in the company. The American brand will fall in the ranking in the next few years.” He said.

The new US tax policy to encourage people to buy electric cars is that in the first 200,000 units of each brand, the tax credit equals $ 7,500, and by crossing the 200,000 mark every 6 months, 50 percent of that The intended credibility is diminished to be completely eliminated. This shows that the years ahead should be years of electric rule.

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