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Publish Date : 30 December 2019 - 08:59
At a joint meeting of automakers with IKCO’s CEO, while emphasizing more support for automakers in the automotive industry, as set by the Monetary and Credit Council, 100 thousand billion riyals will be paid to automakers by the central bank to pay for automakers' demands. .
Khodrocar – This approval happened while the part industry needed the facility more than anytime else and it just revive the industry again and it will ignite new hopes for new better days.

Although automobile debt to the parts industry has now reached more than 230 thousand billion IRRs and only 40% of the loans are fully paid to the car makers, the carmakers still hope for continued growth in current production.

At a joint meeting with Iran Khodro Managing Partners last week, the carmaker's support and support for the carmakers was emphasized to increase the volume of internalization on the one hand, as well as sales, targeting programs and they emphasize the synergy between the automaker and the part maker.

The meeting, which was largely overshadowed by the Monetary and Credit Council's approval of a 10 thousand  billion IRRs loan to auto makers, announced plans to pay for the facility and set aside part of the facility's demands.

Accordingly, the facility was split into two parts: updating automobile banking obligations and paying for auto parts claims, both of which would ultimately benefit the automotive and auto parts industry, as realization of the first case would help the car's credibility. As the credit of the car maker increases with the bank, this will be a great help for the car maker and the car maker. In the pay-as-you-go segment, as production volume decreases, production will not be a serious challenge.

Another focus of the meeting was to emphasize the continuation of the internal construction movement, while previously meetings were held between the makers and the CEO of Iran Khodro with the aim of taking decisions on internalization and the responsibility of internalizing the Tables 1, 2 and 3 with the focus was on the Ministry of Solidarity and IDRO.

However, at the joint meeting of car makers and CEO of Iran Khodro, more emphasis was placed on carmaker and carmaker in this project, and carmakers have also stated their readiness to keep up with the current trend while the carmaker has also pledged to work with The goal is to continue to support production growth and maintain it, and to eliminate and minimize the problem of fragmentation liquidity.

No doubt can be commented on until the Monetary and Resolution is promulgated, but what is clear is that any allocation credit should be paid to the makers based on the summary and any delays or interruptions in the allocation. Credit to automakers will lead to widespread bankruptcy and unemployment in the piece industry.
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