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Publish Date : 29 December 2019 - 09:00
A look at the latest car production statistics on the provincial sites shows that the decline in production was due to the completion of floor cars as well as the change in policy of automakers.
Khodrocar - Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the decline in the popularity of cars produced on provincial sites, but the decline in people's purchasing power should not be overlooked. However, it should be noted that at present provincial sites are producing cars that have been hit by shortages due to sanctions or are in line for cars that have stopped production next year. Accordingly, a 22% decline in production at provincial sites cannot be attributed to their poor performance.

"One of the reasons for the decline in production at the provincial sites can be the completion of floor cars. Undoubtedly, any site that has had the most number of defective cars on the factory floor has given preference to the completion of these cars based on the sites with the highest number of cars. They had a lower floor, but also saw higher circulation to resume routine production once the cars were completed.” Omid Rezaei, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"Another reason for the decline in production in provincial sites can be the fact that some sites produce specific products that other sites are unable to produce, such as in Tabriz or Mashhad, for example. Limited models of cars are produced.” He said.

"According to the policy of the carmaker depending on the number of parts and the amount of production, and the car with the most demand, the production is at the forefront and the production rate is increased, which may be produced at the central site or For example, the pickup truck manufactured in Tabriz may not have much demand, in which case the automaker will spend the power of its co-manufacturers in producing it for another vehicle such as Persia.” He added.

"The decline in production at provincial carmakers' sites cannot be said to be a major weakness because it is an important growth that the carmaker has achieved during this time.” He mentioned.

"Part of this goes back to logistics because it is undoubtedly influenced by the cost, so producing and meeting the needs of the mall in the center is much easier than in the city, so a significant part of the reduction in production can be chosen, advantages And it was wise to consider a carmaker who was undoubtedly unreasonable and had an advantage for the carmaker, and in the interest of the carmaker, the site decided to increase production or decrease production, thereby maximizing profits and overall turnover.” He called.

What has happened in the eight months of this year, even as production declined on provincial sites, has been the increase in production circulation as well as supply, which has warmed the hearts of carmakers and carmakers in the current situation and hoped for a better future.

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