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Publish Date : 28 December 2019 - 09:00
The story of dumping cars did not come to light this time with opposition of Minister Industry, Mine and Trade against proposal to release all the dump cars from minister of Economy.
Khodrocar - Last week, when Farhad Dejpasand put forward a proposal to clear all depot cars at customs, there was an impression that there would be no further deterrence because of the orders issued and suggestions to the government.  It was reported that it happened just nine hours after the Minister of Economy met with the owners of these cars.

Since the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade is the main custodian of the extension of the deregulation and also the issuance of the necessary instructions in this area, after about a week of this news, the Semitic Minister has opposed this issue.

"Minister Industry, Mine and Trade opposition to customs clearance of depot cars as well as suggestions by the Minister of Economy, there are 5100 vehicles awaiting clearance.  1400 cars were licensed and 340 were in the top 2500 ccs that had entered the country prior to the importation of these categories.” Mehdi Dadfar, secretary of the Automobile Importers Association told khodrocar reporter.

"The proposal has nothing to do with multiplying the car importers' association because it is the minister's discharge of these cars, which is a good source of revenue for the government," he said.  That refuses to execute it.” He added.

"The economy is the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry Mine and Trade, any import and issuance of a ban on import should be announced by the minister, but he has made it clear that anyone with a ban on car imports to announce the release.” He said.
The statement comes as Mohammad Shariatmadari was ordered to ban the car importation, and he is now on the other position, making the statement not only burden the current minister but also double his responsibility in these circumstances.
In a letter to the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, the Association of Importers has announced that of the 12261 vehicles left in customs, 7,153 have been cleared so far, and another 5108 the authorities are expected to make the necessary decisions, especially the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade.

This is while the government cabinet has yet to make a decision on the clearance of these vehicles, but it is necessary to take a serious decision as soon as possible and make a clear decision if no clearance is to be made.

Clearance of more than 7,000 cars will be postponed while the proceeds of the move could generate good revenue for the Iranian economy in the current situation of scarce foreign exchange resources, but it still seems.  Apparently personal opinions have both deprived the country of its revenue and caused the owners of these cars to suffer huge losses, while a serious dilemma in this regard could unleash all of these problems.

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