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Publish Date : 23 December 2019 - 09:00
As the deadline for carmakers to meet the eighty-five standards is expected, efforts are underway to consult with the High Standards Council on the removal of several standards.
Khodrocar - In his most recent announcement on late December, the latest opportunity to enforce new standards in the automotive industry, the Vice President of National Standardization has warned of the possibility of three standards not being implemented in the current situation, although many times before the standard insisted on its strict stance to enforce all standards, and automakers had emphasized the impossibility of implementing some standards.

According to Vahid Marandi, deputy of national standard organization, in the current situation the ability to have 3 standard indexes gear change light, tire pressure light and day light alarm is not available.

Automotive experts believe that the industry will no doubt welcome the introduction of technology and the implementation of new standards, but it remains to be seen whether the conditions exist and whether the automobile industry will be able to afford it.

"New standards in the world come and go with new technology, but the process is like the growth of a child who enters a new age and must go the evolutionary path to obtain a degree and university entry.” An expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"This would be useful if the standards were anticipated in line with the growth of the automotive industry and the prevailing conditions in the industry, but what is clear is that the technology of the automobile industry as well as the segment does not have the standard traction and momentum to move towards those standards and achieving them has to be a very expensive cost.” He added.

The automotive industry expert points out that while high standards are welcomed in the automotive industry, the conditions for its implementation must be met and paid for.

He believes standards should be met in the automotive industry, even when gasoline and diesel and highways meet the standards, and the segment industry must keep pace with the technology of the day, otherwise, as expected today, Note or new material or deletion of it delayed implementation of the standards.

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