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Publish Date : 21 December 2019 - 09:00
When the ministry of defense entered the part industry with an agreement most of activists believed that huge investments in the infrastructures of this ministry could be positive for this industry.
Khodrocar – Internalization in auto industry has been followed seriously with challenges for auto makers and they can use the power of Defense ministry which had good investments in other industries and now part makers think they could be positive for both sides and especially the industry.

"The power of Defense ministry is high in the software and knowledge base sections compare to part industry and they have abilities in hardware of lines and investments of producing costly products.” Omid Rezaei, member of the board of directors of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"Ability in machinery and automation due to the type of activity and confidentiality can’t be external source and outside its scope can provide the infrastructure is always well provided because if it enters a range from zero to one hundred this is because it is not possible to outsource it.” He added.

"No industry has invested as much as the Department of Defense in this area because it does not make much sense and product production is at the forefront of attention and it is possible to invest heavily in a limited number of products.” He said.

"The Defense Industries sub-sector has had a strong infrastructure over the years, and the ECU has been active in software and production issues because of these similarly functioning parts in the military industry, and because of the university has cultivated power based on its needs.” He said.

Rezaei stresses that the presence of the Department of Defense can not only help the car industry, but can also help the automotive industry, while the Defense Secretary has made it clear at the ceremony that Saipa's partnership with It is not short of saying that these statements addressed the concerns that the fragmentation community had created and indicated that they were seeking to resolve the problem.

"The ministry pioneered the use of special parts, and eventually came to the conclusion that the introduction of these parts into the automotive industry did not make any difference. For example, there is a piece in Airbag that military parts manufacturers around the world are using, and the nature of it is military, and considering this situation, if this cooperation had taken place earlier, it would have helped the universities to They are not well used to create new synergies and synergies that will have good results.” He told.

"Not just the invitations to the defense industry, but any organization and institution that specializes in its field and challenges its expertise in the automotive industry is a blessed event, and we should all welcome it with open arms because of the synergy ultimately, it benefits the country's industry and economy.” He said.

"Prior to equipping automotive laboratories, many tests were performed at MOD labs, and the ministry helped greatly with the upgrades of automotive laboratories. That can be a great achievement if used by both sides.” He continued.

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