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Publish Date : 20 December 2019 - 09:10
The 70 percent share of public transportation in air pollution is while worn out cars are producing 20 times emission than others and in this situation there is hope for auto market organization plan which has been approved lately and automakers have to remove worn out car to have a car.
Khodrocar - According to the Tehran Air Quality Control Company, the share of passenger cars is 1.40%, which is the lowest among vehicles. But trucks are the biggest source of pollutant with 22.46 percent of the total emissions, followed by the private sector bus with 18.25 percent share.

At the same time, urban buses are less polluting, with 12.46% of the third source of pollutants. Motorcycle 10.53 has a share of air pollution, which is not a small share. Surveys show that minibuses had a 4.21 percent share of all four major sources of emissions, and passenger cars with pickups were the least polluting source with 1.40 percent and 0.70 percent, respectively.

Therefore, the share of vehicles from emissions is 70%, but due to lack of proper awareness of all emissions, it falls to passenger cars. The rest of the pollution sources are allocated to Tandguyan Refinery with 10%, Baysat Power Plant with 6.1%, Ray Power Plant with 3.4% and Industry 10.7%.

The statistics came from Tehran Air Quality Control Company, the head of the National Center for Climate Change and Environmental Protection, which recently announced that according to the latest Tehran city data in 2013, 70 percent of the pollutants were concentrated and 30 percent. Residual sources were due to particulate matter produced in the air, with 60 percent of the primary particles being produced by diesel cars and 12 percent by gasoline vehicles including motorcycles.

And now, according to the most recent statistics, vehicles' share of emissions remains at around 70 percent over the years, which suggests that despite the rising standard of production in the automotive industry, perhaps because of the lack of fuel suitable for these cars or only Focus on passenger cars and disregard for diesel cars, which have the highest share of emissions, continue to have the highest levels of emissions.

In these circumstances, the need to pay more attention to the wreckage of worn-out vehicles and to receive a technical examination is becoming increasingly important. The subject of technical examination and its control in Tehran, in cooperation with Tehran Municipality, traffic police and mechanization of cameras is one of the indicators of reduction of air pollution in Tehran.

However, according to the government decree, the wreckage of worn-out cars is also the responsibility of car manufacturers and importers, which requires carmakers to replace 30% of their products with worn-out cars, which have not been implemented for some reason.

Meanwhile, after the ban on car imports in July last year, the certificates of expiration at the automobile centers were also lost, but there is now hope that the implementation of the newly approved car market plan will be approved by the Guardian Council. The wreckage of worn-out cars should be followed more seriously.

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