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Publish Date : 19 December 2019 - 09:00
The car market is gearing up for a winter sleep these days, believing that even the rising dollar could not reduce the frozen volume of the market.
Khodrocar - A review of prices in recent weeks shows that the car market is having a rough few days after a turbulent day, due to a lack of demand and buyers as well as improved supply.

 Forecasts from the auto market suggest that we should expect further price reductions if nothing happens.

 "Car market prices show that car prices have fallen by about $ 5 million over last week.  had." Saeed Motemani, head of the Union of Automobile Exhibitors told to khodrocar reporter. 

 He added that there are no buyers on the market right now, adding that there is already a big price difference between the factory and the market, and because of the lack of buyers and reduced demand, calm has returned to the car market and there has been a false excitement in the market.

 Motameni also states in his prediction of the car market: the market is determined by supply and demand, and if supply is appropriate in the absence of demand, prices will fall.  It will be about lowering prices.

 This car market activist sees the approach of winter as a reason for the market downturn and states: In September the peak of the trips was the difference of products less than 100 million tomans and even 3 million tomans.  It is much less common than usual, and people's eyes on buying a car are more capital.

 "Some people are buying cars to maintain their value and replacing their capital, as demand for cars increases as demand for cars rises and the exchange rate goes down," the head of the Auto Dealers Union said.  "We are seeing a decline in demand as car buyers need to know how to manage their purchases under these circumstances."

 "As the exchange rate stabilizes and the supply situation improves, the downward trend in prices will continue," he said.

 A look at the price trends in the car market also shows that prices have fallen sharply lower than in previous weeks, and the glut caused by rising currency prices could not bring back the inflammation of the car market in recent weeks.  

The autumn recession, which began weeks ago, is deepening as winter approaches, and the recession is turning to winter sleep.  Market participants predict that prices will decline further if current supply trends continue, and if demand does not continue, while car makers' pre-sales will partially reduce market hunger.

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