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Publish Date : 17 December 2019 - 09:00
While these days the index of air pollution is in unhealthy conditions for all age groups and does not intend to improve as car makers are more than ever charged, stressing that if the automobile industry were moving in line with world standards, The current was far better, while the role of the Ministry of Petroleum was ignored.
Khodrocar - The lack of a basic plan and the government's confusion about controlling air pollution is no secret until the Tehran mayor calls the wind the best way to improve the situation. Meanwhile, the introduction of unfounded and unprofessional government programs, such as the closure of schools, has so far failed to help.

Given these conditions, most experts say the automakers are contributing to air pollution and the need to produce cars with new European standards, but it is not clear whether the fuel is suitable for these cars. Does the country have a global production or supply?

"Manufactured cars are currently being manufactured under the Euro 4 standard, but lack of Euro 4 fuel and lack of nationwide supply and distribution have created serious problems.” Ahmad Nemat Bakhsh, secretary of automakers association told khodrocar reporter.

"At any given time, new fuel and fuel upgrades were set to be produced six months ago, according to carmakers, ahead of the Ministry of Petroleum, as the Euro 4 standard produced cars in the last three years. However, the supply of this fuel is not available throughout the country as only eight metropolitan areas witness this supply.” He said.

"There is currently no Euro 4 fuel in the small towns, this could eventually lead to car damage, so carmakers have so far done little to reduce their emissions and perform their tasks on schedule.” He said.

"Euro 5 standard car production it has been emphasized these days that fuel has not even entered the pilot phase, which will hurt Euro 5 standard production cars, while older cars can get new fuel. But new cars are not able to use the old fuels because both the vehicle parts will be damaged and the exhaust will produce more emissions.” He continued.

"The Ministry of Petroleum claims Euro 5 petrol production while Euro 4 petrol has not yet been released nationwide, which has resulted in damage to domestic production cars with the new standard, and many have seen their cars repaired. We are because the global fuel is not distributed.” He mentioned.

These statements show that what the automakers have done so far and plan for the future is the approval of the Cabinet. The approvals that require them to produce cars of the day up to new standards and in the meantime other related bodies need to proceed with these approvals in order to achieve the main objective.

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