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Publish Date : 16 December 2019 - 09:00
The approval of the payment of foreign currency and Rial by the central bank has been canceled due to the failure of the central bank meanwhile approve it has been approved In the commission of industry and mine of the parliament and the government have to execute it.
Khodrocar - The previous passage of the currency and Rial facility of the auto industry goes back to the end of last year, which, after 9 months of the new year, the currency sector of these facilities has fallen into oblivion.

The industry will be resolved in collaboration with other institutions, which appear to be the first to reform the date of implementation of the law because it has now been revoked due to the failure to enforce and foresee time. The question then arises: what can the Islamic Consultative Assembly do to enforce such endorsements?

"If we enact the law on the payment of foreign currency and Rial facilities to automakers that was passed last year, we would only add one to the laws of the previous one.” Ramin Noor Gholi, member of industry and mine commission told khodrocar reporter.

"The pursuit of legal approvals is definitely a process that cannot be accomplished in the short term, so there is no need to legalize this because in any case, the government is obliged to enforce the law.” He added.

"Enforcement of these laws leads to the management of the automobile market as well as to the management of the conditions and production of the supply of cars. Since the government is required to enforce the laws, there is no need to make this legislation into law.” He said.

"Due to financial constraints and a variety of views, there are barriers to approval, and the central bank has also delayed payment of the facilities, according to a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Industry and Mines with a focus on liquidity. Predict cases and solutions that were eventually determined to predict the solutions in a specific workgroup.” He said.

"Certainly the actions that are being taken are not beneficial to the long-term automotive industry, although they may be short-term housing for the industry, but for the future and foreseeing long-term planning it is necessary to develop strategies in this area.” He continued.

Emphasis on Government's Implementation of Legal Approvals on Facilities in the Car Industry While a look at the past 9 months shows that the central bank has not only disapproved of the government-approved approvals but also for their own reasons. It has invalidated a number of statutory provisions that need to be formulated in these circumstances.
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