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Publish Date : 14 December 2019 - 10:05
It’s been years that the auto industry is leaning on banks and they received loans to continue production but this dependence is not good and how far this would continue?
Khodrocar – The auto industry had no way but receiving loans from banks but the point is that banks never give loans to help the industry and development but automakers have to pay back the loans with the highest rates of interest. 

Meanwhile there are some strange opinions from the high rated officials of banking system which are confusing. 

Comparison of interest rates offered by Iranian banks for the automotive industry indicates a sharp disparity in interest rates with developed and developing countries. Whereas in Japan and even China, for example, the rate of interest for industries is less than 5%, and in Iran some of these loans, which pay off in full and with delays, sometimes exceed 24%.

According to many experts, none of the industries in the country have interest rates competitive with foreign companies, and virtually every year they receive more damage to their companies and further away from the competition.

Now it may be time for the pretentious men of our monetary and banking world to look a little more realistic and look at the subject rather than the behavior and populist rhetoric of the country, and this long gap in interest rates on banking facilities compared to foreign banks. To reduce the banks' fate similar to the car makers and as the chief of Central Bank said don’t become "disabled”. 
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