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Publish Date : 13 December 2019 - 12:29
Automotive companies have long been shocked by their midstream partners and have not yet became able to fully re-create themselves, re-creating the need for more internalization of components.
Khodrocar - Domestic car companies closed their doors and brakes after leaving the United States, following new sanctions, irrespective of their new contracts with the Iranian side, leaving the Iranian auto industry behind.

But this time the story is a little different because, for example, a company like Renault, despite a sharp drop in its output in Iran during the previous boycott, has completely abandoned the Iranian market, ignoring the fate of its Iranian partners with a plethora of commitments.

Certainly the solution is to internalize parts that have both high exchange rates and virtually paralyze the Iranian auto industry, and there are huge losses to these companies each time.

According to many experts in the automotive industry, there is virtually no segment for automobiles in automobile production lines that cannot be internalized in Iran. Parts that, with the help of local specialists and engineers, can certainly minimize the internalization and dependence of the automotive industry on its key partners.

A subject left unexplored in the days of car industry executives and less anxious to think of such days and in the dream of neglect and relaxation, not only to see the cross-section of their portfolio and to remember the cold season of the car industry.

Now that the history of foreign carmakers, especially the French, is repeated in the geography of the Iranian automobile industry, it must be followed with all seriousness of internalization, even at the cost of a slight decline in quality, to minimize the automobile industry and its demanding market. Do not be surprised by the sudden disruption of the industry and the risk of bankruptcy and adjustment.

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