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Publish Date : 03 December 2019 - 09:00
While the index of air pollution crossed the red lines last week the association of scrapping yards said that right now more than 85 thousand scrapping sheets are in these centers and the government don’t have a plan for these cars.
Khodrocar – scrapping worn-out cars has been deactivated while according to law automakers and importers are the only customers of these centers and in this article we are going to explain the reason of less using scrapping sheets.

"The condition of scrapping sheets haven’t changed even after the gasoline quotas. Right now we are struggling with previous problems and 85 thousand scrapping sheets has been accumulated in these centers with now demand.” Mohammad Hossein Goudarzi, head of scrapping centers association told khodrocar reporter.

"Worn – out cars are a main reason for air pollution and in the summer we alert the government about this problem to have the sufficient cooperation with scrapping centers.” He said.

"As a private sector, all infrastructures are ready in this centers and we are able to scrap 1 million cars a year but the government has not took a positive step in this case and it seems that they don’t want improve the condition and it’s not clear that what is their plan.” He added.

"Since the beginning of the year less than 100 thousand cars has been scrapped while last year this number was more than 400 thousand cars.” He said. "The government obtain automakers to scrap cars but they don’t do it because of the costs of production and importers can’t scrap cars due to inactivity.”

"In the current condition when the air pollution has been increased there is a necessity to scrap worn-out cars to decrease the fuel consumption and road kills.” He said.

"A worn-out car will consume 2.7 time more than a new car and it’s a loss for the government so they can start this act by a expert work and it will be beneficial even it would be costly.” He added.

It seems that the government has to define a new customer and market for these centers in the event that the main customers of the automobile repair centers, which reach more than 5 centers in total, and that the importers are closed, the government.

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