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Publish Date : 02 December 2019 - 09:00
While hybrid cars are a serious way of replacement energy in cars and using them will decrease the fuel consumption and environmental emissions. However projects in Iran never had become commercial at all.
Khodrocar - As one of the pioneers in the use and production of these technologies, MAPNA is currently working on the production of electric motors and is still in talks with car manufacturers to add hybrid kits to the production line. These measures show that knowledge is needed to develop hybrids in the country and one can hope for mass production of these cars.

MAPNA CEO Ali Ali Abadi recently announced that we have put forward a proposal to use electric cars that could be a good substitute for gasoline cars so that we can increase gasoline exports. He believes that in-car electricization is quite economical and can be done at no cost to the public as well as without subsidies.

"This will not be achieved solely on the basis of bank resources and lack of support for domestic production in line with new technologies such as hybrid cars.” Ramezanali Sadegh Zadeh, master of Khaje Nasir University told khodrocar reporter.

"The optimization of fuel consumption in the automotive industry can only be achieved through the use of new technologies.” He said.

"As long as the government has management and ownership and monopolization in the automotive industry, as well as the involvement of government and quasi-governmental entities in the automotive industry, the situation in the automobile industry will not improve.” He told.

The comments come as efforts have already been made to produce hybrid cars in Iran, but none of them have reached the commercialization stage, which may be due to car manufacturers' unwillingness to lose market.

Manufactured cars knew that with the development of these types of cars, there would undoubtedly increase the tendency to use new technologies in the automotive industry, which could hurt the production of other cars, but under the present circumstances fossil fuels Completed and heavily used natural resources, the need to move towards use and birth The iodine of hybrid cars has also increased so much that automakers are expected to put it on the agenda.

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