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Publish Date : 26 November 2019 - 09:20
However after gasoline price increment it was expected to see an increase in all sections but as it seems there is no tension in this market.
Khodrocar – Activists of repair services said that their work didn’t have a price increment and only increase of spare part’s price has made problems for the customers which is because of gasoline story.

"There is no increase in repair service’s prices and there is no plan for price increment but only spare parts had price increment.” Alireza Nik Ayeen, head of repairmen association told khodrocar reporter.

"Right now price increment has reached the part market and prices are increasing slowly which is obvious. Representative repair shops such as SAIPA didn’t have price increment and prices are stable right now.” He added.

"Like spare parts of local vehicles, the price of foreign cars spare parts will increase too however these products’ price was related to exchange currency.” He said.

"Shortage of spare parts has been seen in some products but it has been supplied and the shortage removed. Spare parts’ prices has increased for 30 to 40 percent and this is annoying customers.” He added.

A look at the history of price increment of spare parts shows that each time supply was enough prices were stable and fake demand removed and this time part makers and automakers can manage prices by supplying the market.   

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