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Publish Date : 24 November 2019 - 09:02
Allocating 3 to 5 percent of sale income to R&D has been predicted in the vision document and now this industry is short on the R&D of products and only by paying more attention to this matter will change the condition.
Khodrocar - A look at the statistics of importing parts shows that most of importation is for first materials and in this condition a duty of R&D could be finding a replacement for the first materials.

"In fact part maker should produce according to what it has to supply and they will allocate a part of income to R&D unit.” Mohammad Reza Dehqan, manager of R&D unit of curse industry told khodrocar reporter.

"A part of budget of R&D will be paid for people and the place then they need equipment which are expensive and we have to have these equipment to develop.” He said.

"By increasing production rate, allocated budget will be increased and there would be a vise versa for this too.” He added. "8 years ago this unit in our company started and after a year and half our products released but we needed time to make all products and after 4 years we accomplished the goal.”

"Automakers decide eh policy of part making according to their demands. Meanwhile, a look at the big part makers of the world shows that they don’t build little parts and other companies have to supply these parts and big companies are just putting parts together to make the final product.” He mentioned.

"Part makers always design and produce parts according to automakers demand and paying no attention to R&D unit in this industry has different reasons such as not allocating budget to this important unit.” He added.

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