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Publish Date : 23 November 2019 - 09:32
While manager of national standard organization announced the match of standard and petrol emission with standard but some experts said that the amount of announced sulfur is not real.
Khodrocar – Manager of national standard organization always talk about observing the quality of petrol and believes that this organization is observing the emissions of gasoline and answers are showing the good quality of fuel.

"In several cases the standard quality of gasoline has been tested with the standards of the standard National Organization and there is no problem in this regard ، no doubt about the air pollution debate ، and there are many parameters that we should be careful.” Naireh Pirooz Bakht, manager of National Standard Organization told khodrocar reporter.

"Components such as the powerhouse of business units or units of production ، including those affecting air pollution ، are considered by the national standard organization.” She added.

"After considering these items eventually you have to consider the consistency and consistency of the vehicle with gasoline, asserting that there is no problem of air pollution only from the eyes of gasoline.” She said.

"Currently, there is a national standard for checking gasoline, which the Euro 4 standard lies in ، so if gasoline is compatible with the standard of the organization, it will certainly be applicable to the Euro4 standard.” She said.

"We have the ability and readiness to upgrade the standards of Euro 4 petrol because organization has predicted the standards for Euro 4 and 5 petrol.” She added.

Meanwhile, Keramat Weis Karami said that amount of sulfur in Tehran’s gasoline has been increased for 3 times and it doesn’t reach the 50ppm.

"In our researches we analyzed the amount of sulfur in Tehran’s gasoline and it is around 24.9 which is legal by the standards of the National Standard Organization.” Vahid Marandi Moqadam, deputy of supervising of standard organization.

Statistics shows that the amount of sulfur in Tehran’s petrol was 50 ppm in 1393, 42ppm in 1394, 32ppm in 1395, and due to problems of Shazand refinery increased to 69ppm in 1396 and last year decreased to 34ppm. Now we have to wait and see the final result of negotiation between two organizations on the standard of petrol.

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