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Publish Date : 20 November 2019 - 09:16
While gasoline and poor quality cars are blamed for the air emission, a closer look shows that manipulation in heavy vehicles is a main reason for air pollution.
Khodrocar – Manipulation of cars in order to reduce costs happens as the driver wants like accidents of Scania for non-standard wiring. Now some activists of after sale services believe that drivers are manipulating their cars by removing an organ of controlling emission because the sale of this part has reached the ground.

"The new vehicles have an additional tank next to their main tank ، Ed Blue ، which significantly reduces the fuel or to zero.” Majid Madani, expert of after sale services told khodrocar reporter.

"Heavy vehicles ، such as Scania and even the heavy vehicles produced inside the country ، such as Jack ، photons and FUSU ، are equipped with this tank ، but what is happening now is the reduction and freezing of Ed Blue 's sales figures in post - sales service companies .” He added.

"Presently ، a large part of the country’s air pollution that exists in the country is due to the inability of drivers to use the ED- Blue while modern vehicles are equipped with this piece.”

"While a tank costs about 400 thousand IRRs ، it is enough for 500 km ، but since police and the environment do not have the chance to measure emissions from the exhaust ، the owners of the vehicles are taking advantage of this.” He said.

"While there is no measuring point in Iran ، there is even evidence that Turkish vehicles passing through Iran and visiting other countries ، including Afghanistan ، close to Iran they as it is necessary to respond to police and the environment.” He said.

"We are now writing to the police and the standard National Authority to see this piece as a serious piece aimed at preventing air pollution as it is now stressing the production of the heavy car with the Euro ۵ and ۶ standard ، but it does not monitor the scale and how it is emissions.” He told.

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