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Publish Date : 18 November 2019 - 10:01
It seems that the increase of first materials’ prices which was pressuring the auto industry after the increase of dollar price and sanctions, now entered to a new phase from steel makers.
Khodrocar - The price of raw materials became the main challenge of production in auto industry and automakers protest against it. They said that while all materials like steel are made in Iran, this price increment is non-sense.

Now in recent activity Foolad Mobarake Company which is the main supplier of automakers has decided to reduce its prices.

"This company has new policy which we try to reduce prices. While the demand is decreasing and our sale is increasing, we decided to make some changes in the price of first materials for automakers.” Abozar Nadimi, Manager of Foolad Gharb Asia told khodorcar reporter.

"Steel makers are not following the policy of increasing prices. IMIDRO, ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and Steel makers are trying to reduce the prices and this will have effect of the price of our products.” He added.

"Meanwhile, supervisor organizations are observing the prices carefully and since the purchase of steel companies are from the stock market then they have to be responsible for their prices.” He said.

"We are able to supply all of automakers demands in steel. Automakers can’t import steel to supply their demand so they have to buy all of their needs from inside. Right now, we have the ability to supply all of their needs in cheapest possible way.” He said.

This has been said while few days ago IMIDRO as the responsible organization for supplying raw materials for automakers said that they are seeking a way to supply all of automakers demand. However, this should have been happened sooner from IMIDRO because in the past when prices increased 5 to 6 times no one said anything about it. Now they are trying their bests to decrease prices and we have to wait and see what will happen in the future and will they have the eager to reduce prices or not?

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