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Publish Date : 12 November 2019 - 09:10
While there have been said that poor quality parts are the main reason for low quality cars, statement of manager of National Standard Organization is proving that this organization is not inspecting the part industry.
Khodrocar – Right now some parts like safety parts such as wipers, breaks, tires have their own mandatory standard but other parts have factory standard, so the definition of mandatory standard has different meaning in part industry.

However, automaker have to inspect the standard of produced part but with no doubt making a unique standard could be more effective which has not been executed yet.

"These standard components are individually controlled by the organization and certified to conformity or standard marking.” Naereh Piroz Bakht, head of National Standard Organization told khodrocar reporter.

"Crucially, there are parts that are made with parts that the National Standards Organization is even more into the automotive complex and parts standards are not much considered.” He said.

"Some parts have standard definitions, and some are revised as a whole.” He added. "Not long ago, at a meeting of the Automotive Policy Council, automakers are responsible for the standard inspection of automotive parts, and the parts they use should be standard, which includes internal parts with standard markings.”

"According to the type-approval standards, the whole car is evaluated, but not every single component is evaluated by the National Standard Organization, and if the carmaker complains about some parts they can report it to the National Standard Organization and eventually the carmaker is required to inspect standard auto parts.” He said.

These statements are made while automakers do not currently have the scale or standard for standard parts accuracy, and in such a situation if the partitioning of which the component is not subject to the mandatory standard does little to produce a deterrent, Prohibit the automaker from using this piece in production lines.

However, with the launch of the project for the internalization of parts standardization is also becoming a key issue, although the head of the National Standards Organization believes that when a new piece is to be made, the relevant standard must be followed by the manufacturers as He believes that standards must be adhered to from the very beginning of parts production. Now, at the end of the project of internalization and mass production of these parts, what will be the standardization process.

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