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Publish Date : 11 November 2019 - 09:00
By entering the second half of the year, air pollution is heading toward all topics and organizations are trying to decrease the pollution as they could. From today taxes of traffic zone will increase for 50 percent to reduce the number of cars.
Khodrocar – It seems that removing catalysts and gasoline quality crisis had a big role in air pollution in recent years however the National Standard Organization had approved the quality of gasoline but experts believe that this report is fake. They think that all this matters has made the air pollution.

"The main challenge in eliminating the catalysts is not the price of this piece but the unavailability of it. Right now we are not able to import the first raw material of it.” Mohammad Reza Njafi Manesh, manager of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"The removal of this piece was not due to its price impact on the car but the main reason for the removal was the inaccessibility of the raw materials, while before the catalyst removal from the cars we witnessed air pollution in the second half of each year.” He added.

"Commercial vehicles and trucks, among other things, cause air pollution, and perhaps the share of passenger cars can only be 3%.” He said.

The industry activist's remarks that catalyst internalization is not easy because of sanctions because it requires special raw materials that are not easily obtainable, while the inadequate quality of domestic gasoline is also a priority. Causes and raises the question whether by internalizing this piece and making it in Iran, will the catalyst defeat air pollution?

"The potential damage and damage caused by the removal of the catalyst from the vehicle is greater than the damage to the vehicle and the removal of the catalyst from the vehicle by any excuse should not be made.” Amrollah Amini, auto industry expert told khodrocar reporter.

"There is a catalyst in cars in the car's license plate, and car makers have recognized the benefits and losses of having a car, but car owners or repairers under the pretext of reducing engine power or removing smoke. In the exhaust pipe, they remove the catalyst from the vehicle, eliminating their ignorance of the enormous damage it does.” He said.

At present, 80 percent of cities' air pollution is related to automobiles, and strategies must be taken to control this pollution.

Although there are numerous statistics in this area, some as high as 70%, a review of past trends shows that in recent years Catalyst Production Technology has been introduced into the country and localized, according to some experts and activists in the field. The automotive industry is currently taking action.

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