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Publish Date : 10 November 2019 - 09:00
The announcement of saving 120 million Euro of exchange from CEO of IDRO happened while activists of this section believe that this numbers can happen by supplying liquidity.
Khodrocar - The parts industry's capabilities allow for the internalization of all components, but what is likely to fail the internalization project is the failure to recognize the components and their capabilities, while the makers believe that this should be the thinking of the automaker. There is a need to allocate part of the money spent on imports to the maker to make those numbers even greater.

"If this condition is fulfilled, the predicted numbers will be realized because if the number is not to be taken out of the country, the rial equivalent will be assigned to the manufacturer.” Saeed Sabouri, deputy manager of Tehran’s part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"There has to be the assumption that a piece of equipment will be bought from overseas to be delivered to the automaker, so it should be allocated to the domestic maker for the equivalent of the rial because it will be delayed if the maker does not provide cash.” He added.

"It is possible that the current savings of € 120 million could increase to € 200-300 million because of the capacity to build domestically, the realization of these numbers requires funding and the delayed internalization project if the numbers are not met. It is possible and even possible to stop the project, but if the money was to be transferred abroad for purchase, converted into rials and assigned to the manufacturer, these numbers will be realized.” He said.

"Parts manufacturers are currently in dire need of these resources to enter their product lines in liquidity, but to implement these projects a budget needs to be set and announced if internalization takes place, Cash will be bought from the maker or pay 50% of the pre-paid contracts to get the maker to do so, but in practice this is not the case.” He said.

"So far, one million dollars have been delivered from the automaker, considering that the price would have to go up to one million and 500,000 dollars to import this currency, and although there is a potential for increased daily production, it is definitely needed. It is in liquidity and if the future is not injected it will not expect a good future.” He continued.

If one day we want to be self-sufficient we should pay attention to the manufacturer and provide him with facilities and we will announce at the self-sufficient tables that if we do not devote money to government builders we will not be indifferent to the needs of the builder. This is not the case. So dropping the ball on the ground to reduce the value of money is not just a matter of funding it.

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