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Publish Date : 09 November 2019 - 09:00
The continuing of working with Chinese in automobile industry is an important part of Industry minister trip to China and it seems to be a 2 way partnership for removing obstacles.
Khodrocar – The minister of Industry, Mine and Trade said in the opening ceremony of Shanghai import exhibition that Chinese companies could be a replace for some European companies in Iran if they can supply Iran’s benefits.

"The main challenge and impediment to Iran-China cooperation comes from banking barriers, with the Chinese having a long-term plan to access international markets producing products that can be marketed in such tough markets as the US and Europe.” Farbod Zaveh, expert of auto industry told khodrocar reporter.

"One of the main obstacles to or stopping Iran's cooperation with the Chinese was this, and at a time when the Chinese were cooperating with the Iranians despite sanctions and threats, it was because they had no plans to enter these countries.” He added.

"These infrastructures are being prepared to sell cars in international markets, while the Chinese electric car industry has made extensive progress, and even more so than Europeans, so taking these into account The Chinese are unlikely to leave the big foreign markets and join the Iranian market.” He said.

"Certainly, the production of Chinese cars in Iranian production lines is not accidental because the pieces are imported and are definitely supplied by the parent company and if the complete car were imported it was likely to have been imported through intermediaries so no cooperation with Iran at the time of the sanctions it is a vain claim and no proper legal cover can be found.” He called.

The remarks come as the latest announcement by the Chinese minister of solidarity has emphasized that we are looking at win-win relations, and there are areas in which we can integrate traditional trade with new partnerships. Integrating automotive capabilities, China could replace some foreign companies in Iran that have been present in Iran for many years. Now, given the Iranians' readiness to wait, Chinese efforts to expand cooperation are now underway.

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