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Publish Date : 04 November 2019 - 09:00
While experts of auto market are believing that with the current conditions of pre-sales such as the document is liable for one year, prices won't reduce and it can even increase, activists of this industry think that this will control the hunger of the market.
Khodrocar - Such as few past months, lowering the supply has caused price increment. Some says that last week holidays has affected the supply of automakers and it has make the stagnation stronger and decreased the transaction in the market.

The car market experts emphasize that since these commitments will cover 80% of the car maker's production and cannot be sold until a year later, the company will inject fewer products into the market. Next, in the current economic situation, people prefer money to be available because they may need it at any moment, so blocking money for a year will not be welcomed.

"Any supply from automakers will cut prices in the market, but now we are seeing prices rise because of the lack of cars." Nemat Allah Khashani Nasab, inspector of the car show owners association told khodrocar reporter.

"Demand is now higher than expected and this has fueled the market anxiety, in which case new car registrations will have a positive impact on the market and are expected to continue with these pre-sales and deliveries provided that prices in the market fall." He added.

"Although some of these cars are due to be delivered next year, some buyers who refuse to pay more for a free car market are starting to register and prices will continue to decline." He clarifed.

"Currency prices in the market are now declining and auto makers have declined, but supply has fallen, leading to higher prices." He said.

A review of market prices shows that the Pride Hatchback has surpassed 50 million Tomans yesterday and Changan, along with Peugeot 2008, has experienced an increase of 4 to 7 million Tomans and now we have to see the resale, price situation Where will it come from.
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