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Publish Date : 02 November 2019 - 09:48
The auto industry is facing difficulties in supplying spare parts for the cars while the sources of supplement are having different problems and that maybe the main reason for producing incomplete cars.
Khodrocar - Multi-source or single-source parts have been one of the main challenges in the automotive industry in recent years, with many industry activists demanding that this situation be determined, as they believe that the choice of makers should depend on the choice of parts

"The global standard of these sources is about producing one single product at a time for example producing front glass of Peugeot 405 is for one factory and front glass of Peugeot 206 is for another factory and they produce 100 percent of that product." Maziyar Beigloo, secretary of part makers association told khodrocar reporter.

"Meanwhile in Iran this procedure won't happen because of the instability of economy, monopoly of a product may cause damages for the factory and that supplier couldn't produce the part for long time." He added.

"The situation in Iran is fluctuating so suddenly that we see a surge in foreign exchange prices, a ban on imports of raw materials, and a surge in stocks that these factors cannot be trusted by one manufacturer." He said.

"As we have seen, single-source has led to an increase in the number of incomplete cars, so it is suggested that each piece be double-sourced and if more manufacturers want to produce on a single piece, they will be licensed by a supplier company such as Sazeh Gostar and Sapco. These resources can also be cost effective and stable." He continued.

"The argument that now exists is that on some simple parts, the number of sources reaches 5 or 6 builders, which causes suppliers to waste time on supply numbers, which is a big problem that needs to be addressed and take action as soon as possible." He mentioned.

Determining the status of the source industry in the piece industry is important because, if it is multi-source, the inability of one of the sources will not challenge the production lines, but it is certainly a matter of technology and the knowledge of the makers.
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