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Publish Date : 31 October 2019 - 08:04
Pride's stopping production after 26 years of production is no easy task for a carmaker who devotes most of its production to this car, but this time the car's production line halts soon after two years of struggle.
Khodrocar - The whispering of stopping Pride's production line, which has been around since 1396, is now in close proximity with the National Standards Organization's deadline to apply eighty-five standards to the group's operational director  Saipa Automotive, in an explicit statement, confirmed the news, stressing that Pride's gradual removal from production line will begin in January this year and no Pride cars will be produced by July 1st.
In these circumstances, the question arises whether given the high share of Pride in Saipa production, would the current conditions be a good opportunity to eliminate Pride?  Will Saipa Automotive Group experience more losses by eliminating Pride?
 In an interview with Khodrocar reporter Shahram Azadi in answer to this question, said: Although in the current situation, Saipa Automotive Group may have the largest share of production, but the important thing is that there is always a reason  That the production of old cars, such as the Pride, is not stopped or delayed.
He adds that if the current status of a product like Pride goes out of production and other products are replaced with higher technology, it will likely make the Saipa Automotive Group change its products. Conditions for buyers to look at Saipa will also change.
The auto industry expert says other products in the automotive group are a good alternative to Pride, stating that if the product range is increased, such as Tiba, Sayna or even Quick, these products could be a good alternative to Pride because they are far better than Pride and have higher quality and technology.

Professor of University of Khwaja Nasiruddin Tusi, continues: Saipa has definitely thought of a replacement for Pride, so it is launching new product development that will launch in early next year.  They will be.

Freedom points out that the new products of this group are other than the current products of the group and are produced on new platforms that have a higher class of Pride.

"These cars are far higher in price than the Pride, but they still provide more product development for Saipa Automotive Group," he said, noting that the new cars are not exactly premium.
 The automotive expert considers the current situation to be the best way to remove Pride from the Saipa Group product line and says: It should have happened at some point, and now would be a good time to remove Pride and the damage it caused.

 Pride's removal from the automaker's production line can be offset by increased production of other cars in the group.
These statements indicate that the primary need to halt Pride's production line is to increase circulation of other products as well as develop new ones, a task that may have been far easier to do in previous years.  But frogs should be swallowed anyway, and Saipa Automotive Group should have a more serious strategy this time around stopping production and removing the car from production lines.

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