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Publish Date : 30 October 2019 - 10:17
A major carmaker's application for a diesel production license has been met with strong opposition these days from the Environment and Health Ministry, but the Ministry of industry appears to be favorable in this regard and intends to cooperate with carmakers.
Khodrocar_Not long ago, the Iran Khodro Research Center filed a petition for a diesel production license with the Environment Agency, but faced strong opposition. Vice President and Chief Environmental Officer Isa Kalantari also stressed that "we hope that no government will accept  to authorize the entry of diesel riders on the roads and cities of the country."

"Knox produces ozone contaminants, which have an undeniable role in the development of skin cancer. So we sent a letter to the Ministry of Industry and Research of Iran Khodro, explaining the reasons for our opposition." He added. 

To this end, the Environment organization  has entrusted it with a consortium of top universities in the country for a closer look. "Diesel burners have a high share in the production and emission of pollutants, especially Knox, which has led many countries around the world to switch to diesel.

In Europe, the diesel production program is also rapidly declining, and even the entry of diesel into many European cities is banned.

Despite all these objections, the Iran Khodro Research Center continued to insist on this and referred it to the Economic Council, but due to the high pollution of diesel cars and the inclusion of the aforementioned pollutants in the list of carcinogenic compounds by the World Health Organization since summer, the agenda The Economic Council was out. 

However, recently Mustafa Mirsalim, the founder of Iran Khodro Motor Research Center, sent a letter to the head of the Environment organization, explaining the acceptable quality of the "National Diesel Diesel", calling for the necessary cooperation to produce 50,000 diesel rides.

Mohammad Mehdi Mirzaei Qomi, head of the National Center for Climate Change and Climate Change, said that the diesel engine produces 40  times more particulate matter than gasoline and 8  times more gas than the Knox pollutant engine. It is believed that diesel production is unjustified so it seeks to ban production by sending a proposal to the Cabinet, but the Ministry of Industry has suggested to the EPA that it revoke earlier approvals for diesel production under current conditions.

"It seems that some car makers have done some work in the diesel car production sector, and diesel car production is increasing in the world. It is more expensive than gasoline." Aboalfazl Khalkhali, a professor of the university told khodrocar reporter. 

"What matters is our macro policy and strategy. In any case we should move to electric cars. Whether or not diesel passenger car production is economically viable is debatable in macro strategy. But just because Stopping environmental pollution from such a flow is not very rational and needs to be scrutinized." He added. 

There is a lot of controversy over the production of diesel cars and the future of carmakers licensing these cars is a mystery, but the Ministry of Health seems to disagree, and it should be seen by carmakers and convince the Ministry of Health about it.
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