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Publish Date : 28 October 2019 - 09:42
As the cold days of the year is coming and emissions are getting more, the talk about quality of gasoline is getting hoter. Meanwhile some officials of oil industry and energy experts are insist on the quality of produced fuel in the country.
Khodrocar - Every year, as we approach the cold seasons, due to the weather conditions, the temperature inversion and the increase in pollution accumulate in the skies, the quality of gasoline and the means of transportation within the cities is also heated. Diesel cars and motorcycles are among the main culprits. But before criticizing the combustion of these vehicles, the quality of the gasoline and fuel of these vehicles is also criticized.

As a result, the issue of air pollution is circulating again these days, and different organizations each have different opinions about it. Oil officials believe fuel is not the cause of air pollution and consider the quality of cars to be effective, and other agencies point the finger at the oil ministry.

According to the air quality control company, the sulfur content in gasoline exceeds the permitted level, and recently the EPO has announced that it is currently one of the major fuel problems in Tehran and other cities, which in many cases this year exceeded more than 50PPM.

Zahra Samaei, supervisor of the EPO believe that the amount of Benzene and aromatic in the fuel was way more than standard limits in the past years and now it is getting to the safe zone. 

But, as mentioned in the beginning of the report, oil officials do not go under the burden of low quality and high levels of sulfur in gasoline, and believe that cars have a problem with combustion. Alireza Sadeghabadi, CEO of the National Petroleum Refining and Distribution Company, has also said that air pollution is by no means fuel. He argues that we cannot solve the problem until the pain is properly recognized, and in the fuel quality debate, it is a fact that good fuel with bad combustion causes pollution.

"The quality of the petrol in the country is in good condition and the petrol comes with Euro 2 standard. The good quality of gasoline produced in Iran has attracted much attention. At present, gasoline exports to several countries will be carried out, which cannot be named due to sanctions problems." Amir Hossein Zamani Nia, deputy of minister of oil told khodrocar reporter. 

"Gulf Star refinery gasoline, which uses condensate feeds, is of good quality, but lower quality for older refineries that use crude oil. However, some refineries have implemented remediation plans that have improved the quality of gasoline." Gholam Hossein Tash, expert of Energy section told khodrocar reporter.

"The fundamental solution to the problem of gasoline consumption and reduction of air pollution requires long-term planning for the proper and optimal development of the country's transportation system, including suburban and suburban, development and improvement of the country's automotive production industry, and the definition of optimal energy supply policies, including determining the optimal fuel portfolio." He added. 

However, these days we have been denied insistence on low quality gasoline by some air quality control companies and some entities, and the Ministry of Petroleum and the Standard Organization deny or deny it. It is important to take special measures both for the quality of the fuel used in the vehicles and to take a closer look at the quality and type of combustion of production cars.
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